Tuesday, May 27, 2014


My mom and dad came over for a visit today, to help us kickstart a project in our backyard.  She has this way of coming over to dig out drywall and then cleaning my stove at the same time. Oh yeah, and she brought over lunch for all of us.

She's an amazing lady.  And I am so lucky and grateful for her.

Dad's great, too, don't get me wrong.

So today, in my quest to return to doing more of the simple things that I love, I made yogurt. This is the second time this week I made yogurt.  Since unsweetened soy yogurt has gone off the shelves, I made a batch earlier this week for Rich which was pretty yummy, pretty successful.  A while back, I realized that making yogurt saves us 50% over buying yogurt and it is so simple.   So today, I went back to it and made a batch of 2% unsweetened yogurt.  I've heard that "we should eat whole fat dairy because low fat has more sugars" and while that argument is SO true for low-fat foods generally (READ: processed food), really, the 2% is really tasty and given the amount of yogurt I eat, it seems like the right thing to do to go for the 2%, for the lower fat and the less cholesterol. Sugars, yes, I'm watching those, cutting out sugars except for fruit (and booze...sigh), but I haven't made the leap to full-fat yogurt yet. Here's an article from Huffington that I'll have to take a look at.


In the meantime, I will work to perfect my homemade yogurt and get my gut healthy.

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