Monday, June 16, 2014

Week in Review (Monday to Sunday) 6/9 to 6/15

Week in Review (Monday to Sunday).

Had a quick and tasty Father's Day brunch in PV this morning to celebrate the three dads in the family.  Keith and Mo are on a new Paleo-esque diet and I was the first to criticize their new fad diet.  The criticism is auto-response when it comes to interactions with Keith.  Note to self: Stop that!  Rich is not keen on partnering up with me to do any of the various cleanses or dietary restrictions I've wished to embark on, and I've failed to fully commit to any of them too. It's tricky when your list of food allergies and intolerances is so long it has to be saved as a google doc and shared with friends before dinner parties.

After the breakfast, we headed for a little hike in the area to work off some of those glasses of wine and sausages wrapped in bacon from last night's event.   We ended up in the backcountry of PV, saw goats and horses, wild peacocks and wildflowers. We came across a little league baseball field and reinforced some of the baseball concepts (like running the bases) that we've been doing at home.  It was a reminder that realia works when teaching something new!  Oliver loved every second of it, from standing on the pitching mound to running the bases, to throwing the ball into infield and outfield to sitting in the dugout and so forth.  He is going to love playing sports, I think.

We watched a decent world cup soccer match between Bosnia Herzegovina and Argentina, snacked on popcorn and water (again to recover from our night out), and I ended the weekend with a non-traditional father's day dinner -- salad.  The beauty of the moment was how much Oliver ate of the salad.  Here is what was in it:

red leaf lettuce
roasted cauliflower
blanched and sauteed broccoli with lemon juice, garlic and feta
heirloom tomatoes
toasted pine nuts
feta cheese

After dinner and after Oliver went to bed, we feasted on these fig bars, which I made Rich friendly by subbing quinoa for almond flour, soy for almond milk, and sunflower butter for almond butter. I bet I would like the almonds in the recipe, but these were so good, they couldn't be missed.

It was a great day overall.

Other highlights
-Saturday night Camerata singers Broadway show and silent auction with Amy and Sarah followed by drinks at the Factory
-Oliver not wanting to take off his Team Luca hockey shirt despite wearing it at the party, sleeping in it, and wearing it all day the next day.
-Work end of the year party at Debbi's
-the courtyard at the Ayres hotel for the seniors' dinner
-dinner and REALLY expensive wine at Terranea that I didn't have to pay for!

More to come!

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