Friday, May 02, 2014

Getting Back into it

I fancy me a writing project, or perhaps just a project. My brain is often feeling rather mushy these days and anxiety sets in, reminding me that I'm going to die of dementia if I don't keep my brain active and keep creating new neural connections.

So naturally I turn to food and language. neural connections. I'm supposed to make new neural connections.  Oh well! Enjoy it, right.

I don't often search blogs - she who has the time for that is not me since I teach and don't spend my days in front of the computer -- but I do sense that a real look inside the kitchen of a working mom is not as pretty as some may think. Let's be more specific.  A working mom with what most people would say are stringent ideas as to what food actually is and what I buy and serve to my spouse and 3 year old bundle of precious joy, Oliver.  Food philosophy post holds for now, but here are a few things.

I strive to all my produce from farmer's markets and have just signed up for a local veggie delivery, Beach Greens. eat largely vegetarian and whole foods. organic as much as possible. the carbs, but not eliminate them
...sugar, ditto.

So what does the home of two full-time teachers with a 3 year old look like? Well, it's dirtier than I'd hope, but there is almost always a homemade meal on the table.  Tonight's meal

Summer squash, roasted turnip, and carrot pureed soup with a little brown rice added in for the hubby to fill him up. Some organic tortilla chips for dipping and glasses of water with slices of lemon from our neighbor's lemons.

The soup was cooked on Monday, in a large batch, and has served us well for two dinners thus far.

Keep it simple and light.  With all the temptations from the day including my first (and last) krispy kreme donut and really, all we needed is a bowl of vegetables for dinner.

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