Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I am luscious and not 10 dollars!

I recently took a trip to Cafe Gratitude for the first time. For those of you who have never been there, it is a vegan, largely raw, live-food restaurant. The one in Berkeley has a calming atmosphere, with a small sunny patio along Shattuck Ave. Inside there are inspiring quotes and wall art which remind me to stop, breathe, and live my life moment-by-moment. Honor my self, be grateful, and live by buddhippie principles. I'm happy to do this.

I'm not happy to pay 10 dollars for a small AMAZING smoothie that I can make at home for very very cheap with the same care and quality of ingredients. My I am Luscious was composed of hazelnut milk and raw cacao powder, dates and/or figs, vanilla, and my $4 macca addition (which I was not told would be extra...). Whatever. I am grateful but I'm not appreciative of the cost factor, despite the principles in food and matters of life I share with Cafe Gratitude. So, while I won't be returning to Cafe Gratitude anytime soon (on another occasion, I spent $30 for an entree and a small ginger ale and was hassled about adding 2-3 items to my entree..."would you like to add avocado" "would you like to add cashew sour cream" "would you like to add the enchilada to your $15 dollar single enchilada plate"), I am enjoying recreating their treats at home.

My I am Luscious:

1.5 tbs smooth almond butter
1 to 1.5 tbs cacao powder
8 oz soy milk (or hemp or hazelnut if you make it yourself)
a dash of vanilla
2 dates
1 dried fig (optional)

Blend all ingredients, pour into a pretty oversized wine glass, and sip slowly through a straw.

The quantities of the ingredients are negotiable. I sometimes omit the fig, sometimes use fresh figs if I have them. The combination of almond, date, and raw cacao is the basis of this drink. Experiment with other ingredients! I recently added an apricot to the mix and a spoon of honey instead of the fig and the vanilla. It was delicious.

And I'm sorry Cafe Gratitude, but you are overpriced....

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